29 November 2017

Leaflets and other Useful Information to Reach the People (Wilberg on Wednesday)

Here some new materials for the SWPE.

The Bank Loan Scam

This is a revision and expansion of a draft I wrote for a leaflet to make available via a stall to hand to and/or just talk to people about outside local banks. I've tried to make it as simple and clear as possible. Let me know if you think I've succeeded - or have any suggestions or questions. Think the main thing should maybe be to first talk to people who stop and look - for example by asking them simple questions like 'Where do you think banks get their money from to give out loans?' The leaflet below could also maybe turned into a 4 page A5 leaflet.


Could also write another complementary short leaflet/pamphlet type piece about what money is and where it comes from, i.e. how it's all created by the banks as debt - though only 10% of loans go to businesses - but could be created by governments and spent into existence for the people good rather than lent into existence for the bankers. Must admit that though the SWPE does want to get rid of usury I am not totally convinced that people (even diehard Marxists) understand what I mean by "the nationalisation of money creation" being central to 21st century socialism.

Further material:

Speech by Fran Boat


Germany calling...

A piece on AfD party proposals for repatriation of Syrian refugees


Transforming the Eurozone through money creation for the peoplefrom www.positivemoney.org


International Monetary Reform

Speaks for itself - showing loads of countries that now have their own national movements to de-privatise money creation - you can open and right click on any flag to Google translate and read their own basic programs for monetary reform.


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