12 November 2017

Lest We Forget - The Ruling Class are Psychopathic Murderers, WE are their Cannon-Fodder

Today is Armistice Day. This is the day when people who have lost loved ones in wars remember our dead. It is also a day of propaganda in which the Ruling Class publicly parade in a pantomime act of compassion.

The Royals have excelled themselves this year with the head of the Windsor criminal syndicate (Elizabeth), even managing to stage a crocodile tear. Perhaps she has begun to feel guilt in her old age for the millions murdered while she had been in charge of the UK?  This is highly doubtful.  Maybe her tears were of sadness that the Working Class are now so impoverished that the days of worshipful devotion are well and truly over and that a new British Republican era must surely not be far away? Most likely she had a bit of dust in her eye and it is only twisting lies of the sycophantic media which have given her a pretence of humanity.

Uploaded to youtube with thanks to Crimes of Britain.
Website: https://crimesofbritain.com/
Twitter (best place to contact): @crimesofbrits

The British Army has been used since its creation as a tool of the Ruling Class for advancing imperialistic and economic gains. The soldiers themselves have been nothing but cannon-fodder. The Royal Family cynically lay a wreath every Poppy Day as if they gave a toss for the lives lost to make them rich.  They don't care about those killed by the British Military. Nor do they care about those killed IN the British Military.

Rise Up!  Overthrow the tyrants. Tugging the forelock and singing God Save The Queen; Marching to the Cenotaph to lay poppy wreaths - this is to bow down to the beasts who throw our lives away and get rich as we die or are made to kill others. Enough is Enough.

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