5 November 2017

Remember Remember, the Heroic Revolutionary, Guy Fawkes

Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes night is a ritual in the UK to commemorate the attempt in 1605 by Guy Fawkes to bomb the Houses of Parliament and destroy the parasites within - the Royals, Lords, Clergy and MPs.  The State created the tradition as means of enforcing its rule upon the people; making the ordinary people of the country celebrate the capture of a band of Revolutionaries who would have liberated the country from the tyrants in charge, had it not been for their own excessive concern for innocents who would have been caught up in the carnage.

The Russian leader, VI Lenin, is associated with the traditional phrase that 'you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs'. Sadly, Guy Fawkes and his Comrades, suffered from a typical English affliction, of compassion for our enemies, which led them to warn people in Parliament of the plan to burn that den of liars to the ground, with the Ruling Class rats sat inside.  It is this reluctance to accept collateral damage as a price of uprising, which has kept our people in servitude.

There is even a degree of false class consciousness in the tragedy of the 5th of November: The Revolutionaries were under the illusion that there were decent people in Parliament who were worthy of saving, and who were kindred spirits who could help rebuild England after the despots had been put down.  This error led to the capture of the Revolutionaries, as those they put trust in, used the tip offs about the 'plot' to have them captured and murdered. Even if a few decent people had been in Parliament, it would have been far better to have let them perish with the rest, than to prioritise saving them and thus putting the entire plan in jeopardy - which as we know from history, is what happened.

What would have happened if the great Yorkshireman and his Comrades had succeeded in ridding the world of the Ruling Class of King James?  The King was the Monarch of England and Ireland (James I) as well as Scotland (James VI), so his demise may have halted the rush to the unification of those countries.  Even if the process had continued, the obliteration of the Church of England would have removed the religious excuses for the injustices in Ireland under English rule, leaving the Ruling Class exposed as tyrants with no mumbo jumbo to hide behind.  For those who ask whether there would there have still been injustices if the whole of the British Isles had been restored to Catholicism, the answer is of course yes.  As long as a Ruling Class exists which rules over the Proletariat, there will always be tyranny.

The greatest benefit of the destruction of Westminster would have been to weaken the Protestants, and by so doing to slow the process of Capitalism.  For all its ills (which are many), the Catholic variant of Christianity in its traditional form, was in many ways Socialist, with great emphasis on Charity and the need for the Poor and Needy to be looked after.  Protestantism has always been associated with Greed, and for this reason is the backbone of Capitalism.  A Catholic England as a part of a Catholic British Isles, would have been more in tune with nature.  The loathsome Industrial Revolution and British Empire were products of Protestantism.

It is unlikely that the evils of the British Ruling Class would have ended with a victorious Revolution against King James and his Church of England criminals.  What would have been achieved is the unity of the British peoples on both sides of the Irish Sea.  With no religious division to keep us at each others throats, our people would have been able to see the class enemy.  Who knows?  Maybe without the distraction of 'religion', we would have risen up and thrown off our oppressors, and our country would have become a shining example of Freedom, rather than a dire and depressing source of exploitation and servitude.

Guy Fawkes lived in a time when the people who ruled the country could have been eliminated with the bombing of Parliament. Sadly that rotting institution is now nothing but a window display, with the real power residing in the City of London (an enemy country located inside our capital).  SWPE celebrates Guy Fawkes, but only as a figure involved in a historical event.  We do not advocate anyone trying to replicate his work!  Destroying Parliament made sense in 1605, whereas now it would make no difference to the Ruling Class who control it from behind the scenes.  It would be amusing to see the hypocrites blown to smithereens, but it would achieve nothing other than to justify even more draconian rule over us.

An England freed from Protestantism would be an England freed from Greed and Self as the motivating force.  The post-Fawkes England we know is one in which liberal excess is everywhere, in which Trotskyite/liberal/SJW Identity Politics is rampant, in which the most insane selfishness is not only tolerated but encouraged (with those who refuse to bow down to the ethos that everything is subjective and that all behaviour is equally acceptable, punished by the thought police and the courts of decadence).  Fawkes was motivated by a hatred of the religion/philosophy which gave birth to Capitalism, liberalism, Trotskyism, Identity Politics.  His ideology was more Society-centred, and once cleansed of the trappings of priestcraft, would have fitted very well as a foundation for a coming Socialist Republic.  It is a tragedy that he failed, and we salute his efforts, and those of his Comrades.

On this unseasonably warm 5th of November, we Remember the heroes of the Gunpowder Plot:  Revolutionaries who could have made England a better place, had they only had the sense to keep their plans secret, and had been ready to sacrifice the few good men in Parliament (if any existed) in order to save the country as a whole.


Socialist England Representative said...

The first loyalty of Fawkes and his gang was to Rome, thus he was essentially an agent of a foreign power, much like our more extreme anti Brexiteers, the likes of Blair, Mandelson and Gina Miller. I take your point about the Protestant Work ethic, but for all its horrors the Industrial Revolution created the moderrn Prolatariat and thus made the transition to socialism possible. There is no doubting the courage of Fawkes and his compatriots, and it's telling that the justifiable hatred of our modern parliamentarians has made the Fawkes 'anonymous' mask a symbol of popular resistance. But ultimately the historic sympathy of National trevolutionaries should be with the English Parliament, rather than with those who sought to destroy it in the service of Rome, just as socialists today should support the primacy of Westminister over that of Brussels.

Socialist Worker said...

The issue of foreign powers is an important one. But the reality is that the Ruling Class is a global entity, with no loyalty to any people anywhere, other than itself (and even that can be discounted when war profits are to be made). Fawkes may have been an agent of Rome - which does indeed put him in the same category as the agents of New Rome (the EU). For all this, a temporarily stateless England would have been an opportunity for change. In the current UK-EU fight, our loyalty cannot be to Westminster OR Brussels, but to the People. Both Parliaments are self-serving entities, and neither deserve anything but our contempt.