27 November 2017

Separatism as a Tool of Globalism. United We Stand

SWPE has long had a policy of seeking an independent England.  The use of the name England in the party name is a key indication of the centrality of that policy.  After much debate internally, this policy has now been revised. More than revised, this policy has now been reversed.

Great Britain is an island nation, comprised of several sub-nations, the main ones being

These main sub-nations can be broken down into the even smaller and more ancient nations which came before them, such as
Ēast Engla/East Anglia,

But why stop there! Regional loyalty can be taken down to even smaller levels, to counties, to cities.  The historic rivalty between Yorkshire and Lancashire dates back to a dispute between rivals for the crown of England. Even today, there are a small number people on each side of the Pennines who genuinely hate those on the other, failing to appreciate that the massacres of common people during the Wars of the Roses benefited nobody except the Ruling Class families to whom loyalty was mistakenly given.  Interestingly, the modern truncated county of Lancashire (excluding Merseyside and Greater Manchester) was once (alongside Furness Cumberland and Westmorland aka Cumbria) a part of Strathclyde, which would make it reasonable to argue should exclude it from an independent England and place it inside Scotland.

To argue for separatism is to invite further spiralling into regionalism, with the end being the total disintegration of the nation, and the emergence of a vast number of little states, each with their own governments, each with their own leaders, each with their own despotisms and hidden allegiance to the same Global Ruling Class which would gain in power by virtue of the inability of any one state to have control over matters which have a Britain-wide impact.

As noted above with reference to the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde, the borders between England, Scotland and Wales have been fluid for a long time. Monmouthshire has only been in fixed in Wales by law since 1972.  And what of the northeastern border of England? The former nation of Northumbia included not only the counties of Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland, but also the southeast of modern Scotland, including Edinburgh, the very seat of the Scottish Parliament.  Lowland Scots/Doric is a Germanic language which has no similarity at all with Scottish Gaelic. 

Culturally, ethnically, linguistically, the peoples of Britain have so intermingled that to try to separate us is pointless, yet that is exactly what the separatists and regionalists are trying to do.  The Westminster regime is the epicentre of regionalism, pushing the devolution hoax, with directly-elected City Mayors joining the rush for extra layers of government which of course have to be paid for with our taxes, and achieve nothing other than to provide centres of corruption outside of London in the manner of new hubs in a spider-like web of control.  Of note again, Lancashire has been targeted by the London regime, with its largest cities (Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington) no longer even officially recognised as being parts of Lancashire (Warrington given to Cheshire by the stroke of a pen, Liverpool and Manchester being first carved off into unitary authorites and now saddled with the expensive and un-necessary directly elected mayors so beloved by the politicians who seek to divide us in every way possible).

We formally renounce our policy of English separatism, which we now accept was a mistake. We replace this with a commitment to unity. 

The British Working Class suffer the same injustices regardless of location, we share the same hardships, we are treated by the Ruling Class with equal disdain. Over the centuries, our people have moved around the country and have intermingled. The historic divisions reflected divisions between rivals for power - and as such were of importance to the Ruling Class in terms of areas they controlled, but for us are interesting, but not reason for animosity towards our countrymen. The modern administrative demarcations have even less significance to us, being drawn up by servants of the State as lines on maps, with no care for cultural or any other ties.Who with family from these isles can seriously claim to be a 'pure' Angle, Saxon, Pict, Jute, Celt?  We all have ancestry which roots us firmly with the original inhabitants of the Isles who came before any of the recognised modern tribes. We have become a single extended family not just from Lands End to John o'Groats but also onto the many islands which surround the British mainland.

Splitting us apart is to break the family, to make us weak, to give power to hostile elements. A free Socialist Britain would throw out NATO, the US military, multinational corporations, the 'monarchy', all institutions and individuals with loyalty to any organisation, country, company, or way of life which is not, of, from and for this land.

Unity Is Strength. We need to heal the wounds caused by those who create false divisions, and to deepen and strengthen our diverse cultures which when wound together become an unshakeable foundation for a better, happier and healthier future.

For Class and Nation

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