27 February 2018

Reject anti-Fascism and anti-Communism. Everything For Class And Nation

There are aspects of the fourth political theory which are disagreeable, but this excerpt is very important and very true. The anti-fascist prejudice mentioned exists to such an extent that few even realize that there were different tendencies within fascism (or even within the different forms of "fascisms"). And on the other hand the anti-communist prejudice mentioned is obviously manifest in fools who label anything they dislike as being "communist", someone like David Duke is a good example of this. He sees himself as a revolutionary against the system, but in fact unwittingly defends the system of liberal capitalism by attacking an imaginary communist boogeyman. The tendency to label everything reactionary as "fascist" (from the left perspective) and the tendency to label everything postmodern as "communist" (from the right) are identical. They fail to realize that the real enemy is capitalism and liberalism (in all of its forms).

What we need as Americans and is a near complete makeover of culture and priority. We have a government but no state as so many writers (especially Spengler and his progeny) have said before. We need to abandon capitalist economics and Trotskyist Geopolitics.

....After much trouble, Ozymandias Drakes is back on the Facebook Front. By his writings above, he has joined the fight with a determined will. Welcome back Comrade.

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