20 February 2018

The British Isles - not just a matter of geography, it is our home

The Party has been in discussion over a change of name to reflect our change in position over the issue of the Nation as we envision it.  This has led to a delay in getting out literature for distribution, and to those affected by this, we can assure you that your patience is appreciated and that the issue is being resolved.

We have come to an agreement that the party must not be limited by narrow regionalism, and must not be diluted by globalism.  The party must be anchored in the Working Class of the Motherland.  This does not mean that we have any animosity to others, but that we appreciate the need to unite the Land with the People who have come from her.

The unique admixture of Peoples in the British Isles, binds us together in a way which no other European nation can claim.  Our people have been blended together over millenia, with the ancients joined by the Britons, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Norse and others.  In a sense we are the most truly European of all the peoples of Europe, which makes our love for Europe strong.  The globalisers would use this to argue that we must remain in the EU, but that is to mix a beautiful natural reality (Europe) with a political-economic construct (EU); the latter of which through its globalist policies has become a very real threat to the survival of the former in any worthwhile sense.

We have reached agreement that the Party must be a Party for the entire British Isles, on both sides of the Irish Sea and from the very farthest of the Channel Isles right up to the far north of the Shetlands, from the westermost islands of Kerry to the shores of Suffolk.  Ours is the Party of the British Isles, embracing all our peoples and fighting against divisive regionalism and any arrogant designs of domination by one part over any other. 

We reject such 'politically correct' nonsense as our homeland being the 'Islands of the North Atlantic', the 'Anglo-Celtic Islands' etc.  The term British Isles includes the two large Islands of Ireland and Great Britain, as well as the over six thousand smaller ones.  Political Correctness is a liberal fad which will die as all mindless fads do.  The British Isles will remain. We use the term British Isles because we will not bow down to the lunacy of the liberal mafia - we aim to destroy them and build a better nation when they have been swept away.

Thanks go to Bob for all the help in sorting out graphics for the name change, with particular emphasis on the design of a Party Badge for members to wear with pride.  We are nearly ready to finalise the new name, so please bear with us and be patient for a little while longer.

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