17 March 2018

Leave Russia Alone! The Brutish Empire is at it again.

Who in Europe is going to stand up to Britain's hysterical warmongering propaganda against Russia??? Forget Brexit. Behold the new Holy War Alliance of Britain with Germany, France, NATO and U.S. Imperialism. The Skripal poisoning story put out by the British media and government is SO absurd and SO full of holes it is hard to believe that any European country believes it. Will the British ruling class ever stop warmongering in Europe - as they have done time and time again, for centuries?

The European states are falling over each other to back up Theresa May's insane propaganda. See: https://www.rt.com/news/421396-nerve-agent-europe-use-skripal/
They have all swallowed the lie. I wonder why?

What is the Zionist war machine after? Just as in the assault on Iraq, Oil is a key factor in western aggression:

Putin - answering stupid questions with his usual calm, rational intelligence. The most rational leader in the world today?

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