1 March 2018

Save the NHS. Healthcare Matters

The need to Preserve the NHS
by Chris JB

The NHS needs to be preserved, saved from privatisation and staff shortages need to be addressed, in all sectors of health, to ensure safety of all patients (whether it be in-patient or out-patient) and even the staff.

It appears we have a mental health crisis here in the UK, but that does not come as a surprise to me and neither it should to you, this is not only a UK problem, its a global one. I have been put on the waiting list in the past for the NHS, It was an 8 month waiting list, for others it took over a year to get seen to and this is a disaster for our nation, I remember seeing on the news a while back, that someone committed suicide because she felt useless and invaluable, making someone wait that long especially with someone with serious mental health issues is just beyond me, whilst it is not the NHS' s fault, it is just the serious STAFF shortages that we see and unfortunately creates a very long waiting list, which is extremely counter-productive; The Whole NHS is in shambles and it is not just the mental health side of it, its all of it. NHS is under immense pressure and yes health tourism is also the issue but not the only one, We really need more beds, doctors and more of everything, It is absolutely shameful.

I am thankful for the service that the NHS has given us, but we're a nation of the western world and to have a crisis such as this, is shameful. We need to do more to protect our doctors, train our own British doctors so we do not have to rely solely on immigration to meet our workers quota.

I am a person who is heavily into politics for a lot of reasons I will get into in a moment. I would like to add that I do have history of severe anxiety and depression, being treated by the lovely NHS staff, I go to reviews frequently by my own GP and I feel like more can be done to help people like me and who are in a much worse state than I. We need social groups, better communication to let people know that this sort of thing is in their area, to help create friendships and bonds that are healthy for the mind and may aid the recovery from Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder and other mental health issues. I used Depression and G.A.D as an example since I have been diagnosed with this, along side with Mitral Valve Prolapse. Heart condition. I feel like more funding should go towards programmes to help people achieve their degree or whatever they need in order to be a doctor, paramedic, nurse, psychologist etc.

The Doctors I believe are under too much pressure and at risk of abuse in hospitals and clinics, I believe we should do more to ensure that these talented people do not go elsewhere. Their should be groups to help Doctors and other members of the NHS that are under immense pressure, we have to support them and let them know that they're not alone in this. We need to consult the NHS staff and the members of the public on what we can do, we can all work together to make a better brighter society for Great Britain

Patients and Doctors have to look out for each other, it is the only way we can get better as a nation.

Why am I involved heavily into politics?
I believe politics can be a vent for people and it makes me feel great when I can tell people what I believe, think and what we should do as a nation to grow much more prosperous. I first became involved in politics because of Brexit and my eurosceptism, I believe a lot of our issues are caused by extreme regulations and we have spent billions of pounds , too much into the EU and when we can use most of that money to put into our vital services like we all want! and then like of recent events to do with Manchester bombing, terrorist attack in London and France. It made me want to do more about this and do what we can to prevent this from happening again, I believe a lot of the problems that we see today can be prevented.

I believe that the party below has some of the solutions to our issues,those solutions can be found within socialism! Yep, Socialism can help but I will leave that for you to make your own mind up
Thank you
Socialist Workers' Party England

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