16 March 2018

Water Must Be Free. Socialise All Our Utilities NOW

The British Isles are home to the wettest weather in all of Europe.  For the last couple of weeks, the weather has alternated between rain and snow - with the so-called Beast From The East bringing Siberian weather to us.our days, the rain has poured, with barely a moment of respite.  Considering the usual weather pattern in the Isles, it would be ludicrous for a group of islands, literally drenched in water, to have restrictions on water usage.  However, that is precisely the position we find ourselves in.  A little heavy snow has seen homes without water, as the network cannot cope with weather which for all the sensationalism of the mass media, is what we used to have almost every winter, before the water was privatised, and we didn't have such problems the as have come this winter.

The private companies who control our water (in every area except most of Wales which had the sense to keep Dŵr Cymru  in the hands of the people), are jumping on every excuse to screw the people by fleecing us for using the water supply.  All new built homes legally have to have Water Meters installed.  The excuse for this imposition is that the massive increase in population over recent years, has put such a strain on resources, that measures have to be taken to cut usage.  As is typical of the servants of big business who sit in government, water is considered as just another commodity, from which great profits may be extracted.  Water is the basis of life, and restricting its usage is an attack on the most basic of all necessities.

By charging people for each litre of water used, the water companies are able to increase their profits to the detriment of the living conditions of the population.  The result of the corruption of government, which pushes forward policies which enrich corporations, but cripple the people, is that the water companies have legal protection to rob the people.  Unlike other commodities such as electricity, water cannot be so easily rationed without impinging on health and hygiene.

In our poverty-stricken lands, the use of Water Meters, forces people who are already being screwed by the economic rapists in the banking cartels, to cut down on basic hygiene.  Water to bathe in, flush toilets, mop dirty floors etc, all costs money.  The improvements in the standard of living brought in by easy access to clean water, are being eroded by profiteers who have no concern for the people, other than by how much they can rob us.  There is a direct link between poor sanitation and disease, and the policy of forcing people to ration their use of water, will inevitably see a resurgence in diseases which thrive in dirty conditions.  The greed of the water companies will directly contribute to a decline in the peoples' health.  Of course, the capitalist mindset is quite oblivious to human suffering, so long as its ability to generate wealth is not impinged upon.

The rationale for forcing people in lands awash with water, to pay for every individual litre which is used, is that the infrastructure cannot cope due to the population explosion. There is a degree of truth in this argument, but as should be expected, the solution to the problem is ignored.  Why has the population risen to such numbers where the supply of basic amenities is hampered?  The reason is sheer greed, driven by a desire to milk the cash cows until every penny has been purloined.  This can only be achieved by ensuring that there are more people than jobs, so that people dare not ask for living wages, and instead tolerate subsistence existence.

For the government, the population increase also serves the purpose of undermining the homogeneity of the people, thus allowing for the creation of a global state in which the differences in identity, are between the mongrelised mass of financially-enslaved producer-consumers, and the self-Chosen elite who rule over them.  The rats in the Establishment are more than happy to collaborate with the heads of industry and finance, to create such a nightmare world.  The rolling out of United Nations Embassies in cities across the globe, is concrete proof that the UN is to be transformed into the Global Government.  Having seen the UN in action in terrorist-occupied Serbia (Kosovo), and also considering its role in destabilising Syria, the danger of allowing the UN to continue to exist at all, cannot be underestimated.  It is mind-boggling to consider that the dictatorial anti-humans who have wreaked such havoc through their control of the UN, NATO, EU etc, are even at liberty, let alone pushing forward with an agenda to gain complete control of the entire Earth.

So, what is the solution to the Water crisis which the multi-national corporations now preside over?  The solution is to address the cause of the breakdown of the infrastructure, and not merely to address the symptoms.  Water is not something which should be used to generate profit.  Water is the stuff of life itself, and must be provided free to all.  Obviously, the maintenance of the water networks, such as pipes, water collection, filtration, and waste removal, has to be paid for.  Individual consumers could be provided with water free-of-charge following the complete nationalisation of all water supplies and services vital for the survival of the nation.  It is immoral and criminal that multi-national corporations can make profits for supplying something which we need to live.

The second part of the solution is to accept that the infrastructure cannot cope with the massive number of people using our water.  We need to address the issues which have increased our populations to such terrifying levels, and by so doing, to reverse the population in-flow.  Mass immigration to the wettest and coldest regions of the world is the result of an economic pull, and a dehumanising push.  Both of these have to be halted.  If the bombardment of foreign lands for the benefit of the multi-nationals is ended, the need to flee from lands ravaged by war, and reduced to starvation levels, will no longer be a factor.

Those who argue that we should have no borders, should awaken to the reality that it is such befuddled thought which has allowed the international financial criminals to destroy nation after nation.  The liberals, Trotskyites and other Globalists have much blood on their hands.  The ideologies which condemn the defence of  nationhood, excuse the terrorist atrocities of NATO, and the economic rape of every land.  Our infrastructure is collapsing because of a failure to accept the basic reality that resources are finite, and that living space is also finite.  Yes, there is the argument that the entire population of the globe could live on the Isle of Wight, but that could only be achieved if living standards were reduced to penal conditions.  Let all those who believe that there should be no borders go live on a tiny island somewhere far away from the rest of humanity; let them fester in conditions which they claim we could all live in; but let the rest of us live in a world which obeys the laws of nature.

It's interesting that argument about the Isle of Wight. How large is it, and how many people live there in reality?

The Isle of Wight, known as "England in Miniature":

Area: 148 square miles
Population: 140,500

140,500 people is a lot of people to be living on such a small island.

Let's compare it with another British island...

The Isle of Arran, known as "Scotland in Miniature":

Area: 167 square miles
Population: 5,058

It's actually larger, yet has a much smaller population. The Isle of Wight has more than 25 times as many people...

Could you fit the whole world's population on the Isle of Arran?

Water Meters exist because we have allowed ourselves to accept that everything is for sale, and that whatever the government decides to do, cannot be resisted.  These assumptions are equally wrong.  We need to take back our lands; our resources; our way of life.  We need to grasp the nettle and accept that Capitalism has failed and that only Socialism can restore sanity to these islands.  Failure to halt the globalist drive will lead directly to the over-population crisis being solved through bloodshed and disease.  It is in the best interests of all humanity that we make a stand now.  If we can solve our problems peacefully by rebuilding lands fit for people to live in, we can avert terrifying tragedies which are yet to come.  We have the choice, and we cannot be driven into inaction by fear of nonsense words created by politically correct despots

In the US, an increasing number of municipalities are passing ordinances which prohibit the collection and storing of rainwater. People have been subjected to punitive fines for collecting the rainwater which ran off their own roof. Water which could have been used for shrubbery, lawns, or gardens during a dry season was allowed to run down the gutters instead.

And the 'flooding' we recently witnessed is man-made, the Environment Agency has outlawed farmers/anyone irrigating land and homeowners (particularly the buy-to-let absentee landlord scum) are encouraged to extend extend extend and also to replace any greenery with patios!

Doesn't take an above intelligent bod to figure that with surface water left with nowhere to go it will cause flooding, all these climate change fanatics don't want anyone to consider this though, wonder why, is the Establishment colluding with the utility companies/insurance schemers in persuit of profit?

Getting control over the essentials of life is the natural and sane thing to do.  To allow Water Companies to continue to exist; to allow Water to be sold as a commodity; to allow Capitalists to plunder what is ours - that is the path of the weak and broken.  SMPBI says renationalise Water now, and make it free for everyone.  People must always come before profit.

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