Friday, 20 February 2015

SWPE Military Policy - The People's Army

Wars are fought to enrich the Establishment, create new markets in the lust for Capitalist expansion, and to thin out the population by killing ordinary people whose existence threatens the economic profits of the Stock Market.

In every war, there are really two wars continuing side by side.  The first war is the one which ordinary people are forced into (and in the First World War, people were literally murdered if they refused to join in the carnage).  It is the war of bloodshed and destruction in which ordinary people and other living creatures are slaughtered.  It is the war of environmental catastrophe in which the land itself is ruined.  The first war is the one which we are all familiar with.  The second war is the phoney war in which the Ruling Class who sit in power across national boundaries, arrange for armament sales and for the occupation of countries which don't tow the line.  It is the war of champagne parties and of old school tie chums happily trading with one another, enjoying the spectacle of the ordinary people dying for their gain.  It is treated in the manner of a football fan enjoying watching his favoured team kicking a ball about, or a gamer enjoying the digital bloodshed in his latest game.  The misery of the first war is mirrored by the joy of the second, with any recognition of the suffering of the ordinary people, being a public display of shock, sadness and horror, to hide the true psychopathic sadistic pleasure which is indulged in without limits behind the closed doors of the Establishment.

The one world Establishment plays with us when it goes to war.  Their war is an illusion.  Our war is real.  The Establishment's armed forces are increasingly recruiting people who do not belong to the nation.  In the same way as football players 'fight' for a team against hated rivals, so do people move from nation to nation and join armies which are at war with the countries from which they come.   Putting on the uniform of the nation in which one resides and killing people of the nation to which one belongs by blood is not (as the Establishment propagandist would have us believe) a sign of how wonderful is the ability of these immigrant soldiers to become a part of the nation, it is a sign of how easily they betray their own people.  Immigrant soldiers are traitors to their own people.  They are the lowest of all humanity and can be trusted by no one.  The first act of an SWPE government would be to remove all foreigners from our military.  Only people who are bound to the nation by blood can have any right to be a part of the forces which defend it.  No one of foreign ancestry or origin can be allowed any part in the military, police, government, or any other part of the nation.

SWPE demands that the military and police be treated as agents of the Socialist Republic, as guardians of the People.  We demand the abolition of the current ethos in which people join up for a career.  We demand the creation of a People's Army incorporating a People's Police.  The purpose of the People's Army will be to defend the People.  The oath of allegiance will be to the People, not to a pampered parasitic Ruling Class.  Every member of the nation will be trained to fight to defend the nation to which they belong.  The People's Army will ultimately include every member of the nation.  The People's Army will not be deployed in foreign lands to replace governments for the benefit of the Stock Market, nor will it be used to build a new imperialism which would be no more than a stepping stone back to the old order.

SWPE has a vision of a better England.  Our England will be an England worth fighting for.  The sole purpose of the military must be to defend the nation.  There must be no separation of military and people.  Our Republic will be despised by the global enemy and by all who hate freedom.  It is the responsibility of every member of the nation to defend the nation.  The People's Army will give the People the skills necessary to fight off all who would attack us and it will bind us all together as brothers and sisters in a land which is owned and controlled by us and for us, and no one else.

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