Friday, 11 November 2016

11.11 What was it all for?

98 years ago today, the war which became known as the Great War, First World War, or World War 1 ended. The bloodshed was on a scale previously inconceivable.  All the countries involved lost the best of their respective nations, and the damage is still felt through the lowering of the quality of the people.

The Ruling Class of Russia, France and Great Britain organised a fight against the Ruling Class of Germany and Austria-Hungary, with more countries joining in the fight, until it spread across Europe and into Asia and Africa, with combatants coming from Australasia and the Americas.  The Ruling Class dispute wasn't really a dispute between different Ruling Classes, but between different branches of the same Global Ruling Class.  As has long been the case, the organisers of the carnage did not themselves fight, but used the people under their control to fight as their proxies.

The rush to join the war saw the union of False Class Consciousness among the Middle Classes who thought that the fight of the Ruling Class was their fight, and the manipulated Jingoism of the Working Class who believed the lies of the media that the 'enemy' was evil, a danger to women and children at home, and that war had to be engaged in order to preserve peace.

The death toll in the First World War exceeded 16 million people -  9 million military personnel, 7 million civilians.  The number of people injured and incapacitated was far higher than the number killed.  The War was a tragedy for the ordinary people, but a 'great' war for the Ruling Class, the Banking and Armaments industries, and the Globalisers.

As ordinary people began to see beyond  the lies of the media to the reality that the War was a tool of the Ruling Class to consolidate control and cull the surplus population in order to keep Capitalism from collapsing, uprisings occurred in many countries, with Soviet Republics springing up in several countries, notably Germany, Hungary, Italy and Russia.  The Irish People rose up against the tyrants based in London and Dublin.  The British failed to rise up, demoralised and weakened, our people believed the lies that the War would lead to better conditions for the Working Class - in truth, the Middle Class returned to their loyalty to the Rulers, and the Working Class returned to poverty.

SWPE calls for the reality of War to be exposed: for the criminals of every war to be punished (Tony Blair, the leaders of NATO among many); for the profiteers who make money from death and from debt to be punished (Arms Dealers, Stock Brokers, Bankers); for the puppet politicians and the Heads of State who preside over Wars of Aggression to be punished; for the pro-War campaigners, the liberal elite, (the Stand By Aleppo activists, the pro-war media) to be punished.

Non-defensive non-territorial War is a tool of the Ruling Class and those who stand with them (regardless of whether motivated by greed, liberal stupidity, jingoism or false class consciousness).  It is used to boost profits, cull the population, and boost the control of the powers behind the public power.

We remember this day the civilians, the volunteers, the conscripts, the conscientious objectors, the dead, the wounded, the bereaved, the deceived.  Not just from the First World War, but from all wars including those waged right now including those which are not acknowledged as war.

The disgusting slaughter of our people and of people in other countries for economic and political gain, by an 'elite' which keeps itself safe at all times, is one of the reasons why we are politically active.  The enemy doesn't wear a foreign uniform - more often it wears the clothes of State and Commerce which we are all familiar with, and of the non-combatant cowardly hypocritical liberal idealist who believes that it is only 'right' that soldiers are sent to die in foreign countries to overturn governments they disagree with.  If we are to ever truly have peace, we have to deal with those who would have war - and we don't have to look beyond our own borders to find them.


  1. The 1st World War was planned by Britain and France long before it started. Germany had already implemented basic rights for workers and saw the English form of purely utilitarian capitalism as a threat to its cultural heritage. That's why social nationalists, unlike the Trots, supported the war, which Germany had already won and so made immediate peace offers, including a return to previous borders. These which were rejected by the Entente because the English ruling caste had secretly signed over Palestinian land to Zionist Jews through Baron Rothschild in exchange for their help in bringing America into the war..thus extending the tragic loss of lives for years.

  2. The basic aim of the English ruling caste was to secure its hold over India, break up the Ottoman empire for its oil, and pit Germany against Russia to prevent the rise of a Eurasian power that could threaten British imperialism. National Communism began as a resistance to surrender to British and French and English imperialism at the end of the war. The war started with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Why? Because as heir to Franz Josef he was also married to a Czech and would have given the Czech Slavs the same degree of federal autonomy as the Hungarians. After the war the failed state of 'Czecho-Slovakia' was set up without agreement from the Slovaks and large German population - who of course wanted to remain part of Austria. The government was run by Czechs who then launched their first programme of ethnic cleansing against Germans, as well as trampling on the rights of Slovaks, Hungarians and Moravians.