Thursday, 10 November 2016

Forward to a World of a Thousand Nations. Goodbye EU, USA, UK and all Superstates

The election of Donald Trump as President of the USA has reignited campaigns for secession from the USA.  With the vote by the UK to leave the EU, the Globalist project is proving to not be as strong as its opponents have feared.  Now is the time to join with all secessionists worldwide to fight for a better world with local sovereignty and an end to centralisation.

Local sovereignty is a safeguard for freedom.  The further power lies from the people, the less free they become.  This is why the UK voted to leave the EU, and why that process has to be continued with campaigns to dismantle the EU entirely so that no country is trapped inside the impersonal imperial superstate.  But this is only the start.  For the UK, the fight for freedom has to extend to the demise of the UK itself, with England becoming a self governing country comprised of smaller countries joined together in a federation of equals.  Ideally, SWPE would like to see the return of the nations that predate England - first as autonomous members of an English federation, but ultimately as Free Sovereign Nation States.

As Comrade Tony Green has pointed out, the USA is no longer the monolithic entity it once was. California, Texas, New Hampshire, Hawai'i and Vermont are at the forefront of the secessionist movements, but there are more besides these.(see:

A Socialist world is a world without Empires.  It is a world of cooperation and respect, with clearly defined borders preventing the global exploitation of the Proletariat, with borders being for defence and demarcation of territory belonging to the respective people.  Superstates have no respect for culture, tradition, customs, language, morality, spiritualism, non-Capitalist economics, nature, human and animal welfare.  Borders defend all this and allow life to flourish.  A world without borders is a gift to the global Ruling Class.  A world with many, many borders, protects everyone everywhere from the greed of the few wherever it may arise.

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