Wednesday, 9 November 2016

SWPE Statement on US Presidential Election

SWPE is not pro-Trump, only anti-Clinton.  We welcome the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the USA, solely because it means that George Soros Hillary Clinton has not been elected.

Clinton is a cold blooded murderess, a thief, a liar, a defender of rape (her husband is a notorious rapist), a tool of Global Capitalism (she is a puppet of George Soros), a profiteer from the armaments industry of death, a war monger, a wrecker of nations, a supporter of terrorism and an all round unsavoury character.

If Clinton had become President of the USA, it would have been highly likely that the cold war the present US regime is attempting to start against Russia, would have become a hot one, with countless deaths and unimaginable destruction to nature and civilisation.

Trump is no angel either.  He has pledged to force the Socialist Republic of Cuba to accept anti-Socialist politics, which will accelerate the decline of the nation which is already suffering from economic liberalisation (the drift into capitalist exploitation).

Trump has pledged to dismantle the developing Welfare State, putting the poor of America into a position of servitude and desperation.  Trump is a very rich man, and has got that way by exploiting people. His plan to cut corporate tax is not one which will necessarily generate well paying jobs, but one which will increase profits for his cronies. His plans to cut expenditure will see those who need support being at the mercy of the rich - and we all know that they have no mercy.

On the plus side, he has voiced criticism of NATO and has called for better relations with Russia, so at least he isn't trying to create war (well, at least not on his victory day!)

Clinton's greatest crime against the American people was her deliberate destruction of the Sanders campaign, which would have seen the Socialist Bernie Sanders pitted against the clown Donald Trump - and would have delivered the USA its first Socialist President, with all the benefits that would have come to everyone in the USA except the exploiter parasites (which is why Clinton and the Democrats scuppered his campaign).

The best possible outcome in the 2016 Presidential Election would have been a victory for Jill Stein, the candidate for the Green Party (GPUS), but the two party system squeezed her out.  The next best outcome would have been for Bernie Sanders to have won as an openly Socialist candidate for the Democrats.  The next best outcome would have been for anyone at all to have stopped the reprehensible Hillary Clinton from winning - and that is what we have with Donald Trump.

SWPE is relieved that Trump beat Clinton, but saddened that a Crony Capitalist has won on a campaign of sound bites which he is unlikely to ever be in the position to deliver, and some of which it would be a tragedy if he did.  These are some of his promises:

  • To build a wall along the southern border of the USA, at Mexico's expense
  • To stop all cooperation with Iran
  • To make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, stopping the creation of a free Palestinian state
  • To renegotiate (not withdraw from) TTIP and NAFTA
  • To stop contributing to Climate Change programmes (boosting pollution creating industry)
  • Increase military expenditure, making the USA 'more' unpredictable militarily
Trump is a Capitalist and is not going to break the USA free from the Global Capitalist system.  He is less dangerous than Clinton, but that is as good as it gets.  Is this too cynical?  Will he lead a regime which will deliver beneficial change, as his supporters claim? We shall see in due course.

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