Sunday, 27 November 2016

Goodbye, and R.I.P. Fidel


Rest in peace Comandante Fidel, though you may be gone, the inspiration, and legacy you left behind won't disappear. Solidarity for you great comrade, and viva la Cuba!


Eulogy by Comrade J V Stalin:

We all are of course saddened by the death of comrade Fidel Castro. We as communists, can only hope that there are like minded people, in all positions in all sectors of their society to keep the revolution-evolution path to a communist system going,and they don't slip backwards into capitalist consumer,money and profit above all, driven society...and...that the evil empire US does not infiltrate and change their system .

The reason that I write today is,the above,but as well,I've been listening to and sickened by the capitalist mainstream media's coverage of this tragic,saddening event.

The MSM (mainstream media)...whom I loath, keeps going on about all the old lies concerning Cuba,you know, about the brutal dictatorship and deaths....and you know...all the BS. Not once do they mention that the entire founding of their country..the..US.. is soaked in blood and death and suffering and misery.

The indigenous people of North America have been put through Fascist, ethnic cleansing tactics, by imperialistic, money grubbing,power hungry forces that took over their lands and almost drove these people to extinction..... And they talk of Cuba!!!

Not to mention the slave trade,the barbarity of which is horrific,and the racism in the states that permeates their capitalist society is palpable.

The treatment and internment into camps, of Japanese Americans during WW-2,in the land of the free??? was heinous...particularly when the MSM keeps on spouting how "free and open to all" that their society supposedly is. And they talk of Cuba!!!!!

Not to mention the millions upon millions of deaths the US is responsible for(after the end of WW-2) both directly and indirectly through wars,and supporting brutal(usually fascist) puppet-surrogate regimes...right up to and including today!! And they talk of Cuba!!!!

And the deaths in their own country due to the proliferation,and easy access to guns in their corrupt morally bankrupt society(and the gun manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank) . In Chicago alone from the start of the New Year 2016 to..I believe it was September 2016,there were 3000 deaths by guns!!!!!!!!! It was some kind of record or something(they must be so proud). That is just ONE big city!!! The US is like a war zone!!! And they talk of Cuba!!!

Not to mention the statistics for suicide deaths with a gun or otherwise...all tied into the pharmaceutical industry pushing anti-depressants and mood altering LEGAL!! drugs...not to mention record numbers of abusers of alcohol.......and illegal drug abuse.....and the laughable inept useless "war on drugs" would be a joke if not so tragic!!!! And they talk of Cuba!!!

POP Culture...there is another one designed to take the money and the minds of our youth...and take away any ability, for those who fall for this,.......of any type of critical thought,which of course is what the power brokers want,a pacified uninformed(or misinformed) youth and masses!!!! And they talk of Cuba!!!!

I did happen to see some truth,but it was short in duration. They went to a University in Cuba,and they interviewed some students,and all said that they were saddened by Fidel's death, and Fidel was like a father figure to them. They interviewed Eilian Gonzalez,who is now 22 years old. He had nothing but praise admiration and respect...and sadness on speaking of Fidel's death...Eilian said that "Fidel was like a Father to me,I and the country will miss him greatly"......But after that the media went back to the crazy's living in Miami to continue the bashing,and lies about Fidel and Cuba,and this reporting went on and on and on..add nausea!!!

No comrades by in large the biggest chunk of media time is doing the big sham job on the passing of Fidel Castro and all the great things the people under his and other great revolutionaries guidance, accomplished. It is shameful!!!! That a great leader is besmirched with lies such as they are doing to comrade Fidel Castro.

We must continue on the struggle comrades!!!!!

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