Friday, 21 October 2016

Facebook if you can't help it

Facebook has been a real pain for SWPE.  We've had pages taken down, accounts closed, passwords mysteriously become unresponsive.    These problems look to have stopped.  So anyone who likes to wallow in the murky depths of Facebook can come and join us on there.

Open group

Closed groups
Socialist League of England:

Socialist England:

SWPE doesn't endorse facebook. The consensus of the leadership is that facebook is a load of shit created to lead people away from real world activism into pointless internet activity.  OK, fair enough, so that could be applied to this too!  Facebook has a nasty taste to it that we wouldn't want anyone to get caught in.

If you're on facebook and you have no intention of getting off then you might as well visit us there. But really contact by email is much better.

Right oh! So there you have it. If you have to go on facebook, we have a presence there. If you can avoid it then you're in the company of the SWPE leadership who hate the place!


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