Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Being National Zionist doesn't mean being uncritical of Israel

SWPE is not anti-Semitic.  The official SWP champions the Boycott Divest Sanctions Movement (BDSM!), SWPE has no aim for bringing down the State of Israel.  SWPE has been criticised for supporting the idea of National Zionism.  We are told that Zionism is the opposite of freedom, so we have no choice than to be anti-Zionist.  We disagree!  The Zionist question has to be split into its Imperial/Global aspects and its National aspects.  We are anti-Globalists and anti-Imperialists (there is no difference really) but avowed Internationalists.  A strong Israel as home for the Jewish people is a necessary part of a free world of free sovereign countries, cooperating with others as they require, but ultimately self supporting and self perpetuating.
The global Zionist movement is a cancer on humanity, an imperialistic disease which sucks the life from all nations it comes into contact with.  The Islamic State war against Syria is a confidence trick engineered by the global Zionists in the USA, EU, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  We refer to the Islamic State not as IS or ISIS, but as ISIsrael, to reflect the fallacy of the fake country being an organic expression of Islam.
Syria is a sovereign country, governed democratically by the will of the Syrian people.  The revolution and phoney civil war are instruments of global Zionist aggression.  Syria doesn't have a Zionist central bank.  Global Zionism uses the Jewish people as a human shield to hide behind while capturing the complete world for control by capitalist bankers.
In Yemen, the free and heroic nation of South Yemen is being destroyed by global Zionist terrorism; terrorism supported by the USA and Saudi Arabia who dare to call the men and women fighting to free their occupied country, terrorists.
It is the same all over the world.  In the Ukraine global Zionists are in charge of the majority of the country, with the free east libeled by media as a zone of Russian occupation.  The Ukraine is being used as a staging ground for globalist centralism to knock out the countries which do not neatly fit into the global Zionist schema.
Israeli Jews and Israeli Druze are being used by the global Zionist network as scapegoats for a military economic terror machine which has bankers and politicians of every faith and race in key positions.  The war criminal Tony Blair calls himself a Scottish Catholic.  He has done more than any common Israeli citizen to push global Zionism.
Global Zionism is the opposite of National Zionism.  National Zionism is pro-Jewish.  National Zionism respects the right of Jews to live in Kibbutzim, to worship or to not worship, to become fully culturally Jewish, and to live in peace with the neighbours of Israel.  Global Zionism aims to unify the world under a single banking system and wouldn't care one jot if Israel was wiped from the map and all the common Israeli Jews wiped out with it.
Israel needs to take its place in the world as a free nation.  There is no place for imperialism in a free world.  Global Zionism is using Israel as a smokescreen for bankerism.  Israelis and Jews worldwide need to grasp the authentic meaning of Zionism (National Zionism) as taught by Theodor Herzl and Ze'ev Jabotinsky.  Being National Zionist doesn't mean having to be uncritical of Israel.  Quite the opposite.  Bankers hiding in Jewish clothing are a greater threat to the Jewish people than assimilation or anti-Semitism.

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