Monday, 31 October 2016

October 1066: The Month the Ruling Class crushed the Working Class of England

950 years ago this month, the hated Normans attacked the peaceful Celtic-Germanic nation of England, bringing the indigenous Britons, the related Celtic population and the Anglo-Saxon minority, under the rule of a terrible despotism which has never ended.

The Ruling Class of today is directly descended from the criminal terrorists who took over England in 1066.  The vast differences between the ruled and the rulers is more than a socio-economic one, it is a tribal one.

England is mistakenly known as the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom.  England (in particularly the area of Lloegyr) has a significant Anglo/Saxon/Jute/Frisian presence, but recent DNA data has found that the English are as much a Celtic people, as are our brothers and sisters in Cymru, Alba, Erin, Mannin, Kernow and Breizh. The Celtic - Germanic ratio differs across the British Isles, but does so on a county by county basis, with every area across the entire group of nations being a blend of Celts, Germanics and the original Britons.  A detailed study can be found at this link:

Celtic and Germanic extremists would have us believe that the Cymry/Picts, the Irish and the Englisc are mortal foes and are completely distinct culturally, ethnically and linguistically. Linguistically there are differences, although the modern Celtic languages have incorporated a lot of words used in England, and there are English words which are derived from the original Celtic tongues.  Culturally, we have more in common than separates us, and ethnically we are very closely related, making the Celtic-Englis(c/h) hostility a contrived one which has no logical basis.

The Ruling Class of the UK is Norman in origin.  The butchers of Hastings in 1066 went on to enslave the Celtic, Germanic, and aboriginal people of England.  They spread their tyranny out into the neighbouring countries in the British Isles, using the nation of England as a human shield.  It wasn't ordinary English men and women who engineered the conquest of Cymru, it was the Ruling Class.  When Alba was sold the lie that it would be an equal partner in a United Kingdom, it was a lie sold to the ordinary peoples of both sides of the border.  When Erin was crushed and starved, it was the same Norman Ruling Class which destroyed the lives of our brothers and sisters across the Irish Sea.

Every time the Ruling Class has stolen more territory, enslaved more people and ruined more cultures and economies, the English have been held up as those responsible.  How could we be responsible, when we were enslaved ourselves?  False Class Consciousness has been particularly harsh with the English people, who have come to see themselves as more closely linked to the Ruling Class in England than the Working Class in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, etc.  The added problem is that many people believe the lie that we are Germans and that we are in some way superior to our Celtic neighbours.  We are Celtic ourselves, and our neighbours are in part Germanic, just as we are.  The Ruling Class is not Celtic at all.  The Normans were a Viking people who had joined forces with and interbred with the original Banking families.  They are the ones we have no cultural and ethnic ties to.  They, with their French language, are the ones we have no linguistic ties to.

SWPE calls for a change in the way the peoples of the British Isles (or more properly, the Celtic Isles) see ourselves and each other.  We call for a reaffirmation of our Celtic and Briton roots, and an end to the nonsense that the English are basically German invaders who have no right to be here.  We English are a blend of Germanic immigrants and Celts, with a heavy mix of indigenous Britons.

SWPE calls for an end to the teaching in schools of the language of our oppressors.  We want to see French exposed as an alien language, and for the Norman Conquest to be recognised as an invasion by our greatest enemies, with the Kings and Queens openly referred to as Enemies of the People, rather than as our 'betters'.

SWPE calls for the cleansing of the English language, to root out the French words which have entered it, replacing them with words which our ancient Briton ancestors would have spoken.  We want the old Englisc tongue to replace the bastardised English one, putting us out of harms way from Yankee Imperialism by making modern English a foreign language.  We propose that the reformed Englisc and Celtic languages be given equal status across the UK, uniting our people by bringing us together linguistically, with peoples living in border areas having the ability to converse in the languages on either side of the border.  We want serious research to be undertaken to uncover the original language of the Britons, which we propose be made the common language for all of us.

The Normans have ruled over us for 950 years this month.  In that time they have abolished our ancient religions (Druidism and Odinism), replacing our own ways with the Cult of Abraham in ts various forms.  They have ruined our social structure, making us 'subjects' of the Norman Crown. They have imposed their economic, judicial, legal and political systems upon us, making us slaves to their avaricious power.  We want all of our own ways back, and all of their ways to be broken and banished forever.

2016 saw the UK vote to leave the EU - which as a French-German project is the same tyranny imposed upon us 950 years ago, only on a larger scale.  We call for the Revolution of June 2016 to be pushed further with the Norman Ruling Class and those who identify with them (the bourgeois EUrophiles) to be removed from our shores, finally returned to the European continent, so that we can begin again as the Free Peoples of the Celtic Isles.

October 1066 saw our people pushed into submission at the point of a sword. Following the democratic uprising this summer, October 2016 must be the point in which we stop obeying our enemies and start building a better Britain in which they have no part.

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