Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How to Create Revolution in Britain

We are on the verge of a complete crisis of capitalism. Not only has the Great Recession opened up a huge new wave of leftist thinking, but climate change is on the rise, and when the floods hit, that’s the ideal time for revolution to take place. We will tell them about how the likes of Bush, and other neoliberal governments and businesses deliberately ignored climate change when something could have been done about it so that they would not be having to flee their homes.

We must start building the movement now. A huge left movement has arisen in Britain around Corbyn, and although I fundamentally believe it will be defeated, we must channel this rising socialist thought and make it revolutionary.

We cannot start building left nationalism in Britain on our own. Our specific and niche ideology will get nowhere. We have seen this happen before. When the KPD and SPD could have formed a common front against the Hitler controlled Nazi’s, they didn’t because the KPD refused and called the SPD ‘social fascists.’ Similarly in the Spanish Civil War, conflicts between the communists and anarcho syndicalists led to Franco’s victory due to a united nationalists and a fragmented republicans.

The left absolutely cannot, in times of crisis, be divided. The CPGB in 1945 had 60,000 members and won 2 seats, small compared to other countries I know, but still huge compared to today. Then, the left started to fragment, and now we have a ridiculous amount of different groups, including about 6 calling themselves the Communist Party. We must get all of these groups together into one common front, not divide it even further with another party.

Strasserism and National Bolshevism are incredibly controversial among socialists, with trotskyists calling them fascists. This means we are going to have to work on two fronts, building a united Workers Front and a small dedicated following of left nationalism.

The person who builds the Workers Front should appear to have nothing to do with left nationalism, as this will alienate trotskyists and other leftists for its rejection of Politically Correct Culture. Corbyn will lose because he’s not a very charismatic leader, so we must channel all of this militancy into the Worker’s Front, which will be lead by a charismatic leader who is an absolutely fantastic public speaker. This Worker’s Front will involve many groups, even ones we don’t like including trotskyists and feminists, but they will be tolerated until the neoliberal government is overthrown. It will be a collection of all left social democratic, socialist, communist, and anarcho syndicalist groups, with the left nationalist party hopefully being able to join the front if we are the ones which adamantly encourage all of the different parties to get together. This will mean we wield a lot of influence over the front.

We must encourage unions to back the Worker’s Front instead of Labour. Also, we must create our own newspaper and news website, perhaps partly funded by advertising, to counter Murdoch’s empire. This will include trivial celebrity stuff that working class people want to read whilst also having revolutionary ideas inside it. The paper will be cheap and the news website will look very professional. It will be run by people who are adamantly passionate about the defeat of neoliberalism, and tell things how they are, even if it isn’t what we want to hear, to win respect from the middle classes. We also must start a adamant and vigorous union recruitment campaign across all industries, but especially the press among Rupert Murdoch papers. Use entryist tactics to try and get people to apply for jobs in their printing factories so that they can build union membership amongst the printers. Hopefully our newspaper will become really popular, being as appealing to average workers and cheap as the Sun, but yet be as detailed as the Guardian. This will be possible because our reporters and journalists will not mind working at a discount because they will want to spread the revolutionary cause.

The general strike must be extremely well timed. I think the ideal time would be when climate change starts to get really bad, and when people near the coast are having to flee their homes. We can then shift the newspapers to climate change and blame the hardship people are facing on capitalism and how the governments of today tried to do as little as possible for their own profit even though the evidence was all there. We can then encourage people to join the party and hopefully they will, and then we can encourage them to join unions when their in the party. Then, at the right time, we can call a general strike, ignoring all trade union laws. By this time union membership should have fully recovered, and we can overthrow the government.

We will also need to start a militia to defend ourselves against the army. We will use guerrilla warfare constantly wear down their forces whilst cutting off their supplies.

When we are in full control of the country, then we can start fully promoting our left nationalist ideology and make the leader of the Worker’s Front come out in support of it. As such a cult of personality would have revolved around this leader, lots of people will support the new ideology and then we can seize control of the revolution, we must also have lots of people in key positions who are loyal to us, like the head of the militia and the press, as well as secret left nationalists who would have joined the front pretending to be SJW’s.

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