Monday, 10 October 2016

The Abrahamic Cults are a Danger to Humanity

SWPE is opposed to the Abrahamic faiths operating anywhere in the UK. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the many offshoots, are the parts of the Ruling Class systems of control. They have been used now for such a long time that they have become parts of the culture of the countries they infest. SWPE Policy includes a declaration to close down the buildings used by these mind wreckers. The following piece by 'Just Defiance' goes further into why their property must be confiscated and why their faiths must be reduced to the status of irrelevant mumbo jumbo, practiced by those who haven't been able to break free from childhood fantasies such as Santa Clause, Faeries at the bottom of the garden and the Bogeyman under the bed. We argue that there must be a vigorous re-education programme to deprogramme those afflicted by the mendacity of the Ruling Class we seek to depose....

I just saw a post quoting a 19th century man, surname "Ingersoll" I noticed, with words saying (paraphrased)
"if a person lived by the contents in the Old Testament, they'd be a criminal, and if they lived by the contents of the NEW Testament, they'd be insane!

That most CIA operatives are either masons, mormons, jewish or christian, there seems an obvious link between the black "old and new testament" books of old, and why the CIA are totally insane, and are committing the worst CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY today!

Then, somewhere back of the minds of the CIA executive..., lurk the utterly warped "Skull&Bones" puppet-masters. Along with the jewish, zionist British and American spy-masters of the Bank of England and Israel!

Explains everything we need know about why the US military and CIA are totally mad, and are totally out of order, ANYWHERE they force-enter peoples' lives, homes, nations!

The numerous wars we hear of, in this latest endless campaign by the American forces, are NOT for the "oil". They are for the USA agencies being controlled by absolute brain-dead, biblical "SNAKES"!!!

This article about "Gitmo" says as much as we need know on WHY THE CIA MUST BE SHITDOWN no SHUTDOWN!!!! (yes..., SHITDOWN as well!!!)

(Apologies to the CIA's Victims, as told of here, for that humorous finale? But I'd reckon they'd be sympathetic to my allusions.....!)

However.., more to the point of the opening quote, at top...


If the Balanced Members of those creeds cannot discern that the Abrahamic faiths are long of any "Golden Path", of Righteous, Honorable, Intelligent, PEACEFUL and therefore Wise Living, then someone has the Duty to inform them!

It's horribly obvious that they are all gone to the worst "lost tribes" destinies.

That "some" within each, and all other "religious" beliefs-systems, are not gone to this rampant rampaging madness, is clearly also, NOT ENOUGH, for the whole, to re-find their passive core/cores, to stop warring, etc.

It is also obvious, or should be to those who are learned on historical truths, that all such "faiths" end in some form of disaster, and all have limited spans of "happy" existences, beyond which they decline into war, endless war.

Ergo; those three, perhaps once fine systems, today!

Therefore, it not only behooves all the most senior members of all these "faiths" and essentially CRIME SYNDICATES..., to face their self-deceits, face the facts that they're NOT anymore, worthy of that which they preach, etc., but it also behooves them to TO CALL IT A DAY, and as well, SHUTDOWN ABRAHAMIC ORDERS!

For any of them to protest that THEY are the "Good Guys", so they should be allowed to remain, would be KNOWN as clearly just another diatribe of UTTER BULLSHIT, spoken to cover their own investments, in real estate, aka in an elites' "exclusivist" nations and their dated, useless, EVIL "borders", but more perniciously, their investments IN THE SOULS OF HUMAN BEINGS, as well as being KNOWN by the vast majority of Human Beings ( and "reptilians ), as being more deceits from totally selfish LIARS in religious costumes.

.... Totally selfish LIARS in religious costumes, who, for all they accrue and twist to their advantages, are utterly insane!


Taxing 100%, all of their LAND ASSETS, would be the most JUST and simple way to clean the planet of this vermin!

Then..., those who ARE "True", Honest, Humble and who live by their word, that-is, in poverty, perhaps even as possession-less nomadic mendicants, and for their actions can prove they are True Believers in whichever "faith" and Way, could and should be Respected and allowed to live and travel amongst us all.

But it is blindingly obvious THEIR CREEDS AND FAITHS DO NO GOOD FOR LIFE at this stage in our species progress and evolution!

I DO know christianity is 1 of the most evil fabrications known to humanity, down there with the world' largest crime syndicate; judaism, and is but a "branch-office" of judaism, constructed purely to hypnotize then suck in fools, for other untold of purposes - mainly mammon and the power over the poorer peeps which mammon gives them.

Christians DO the most harm by being hypnotized (from the baptismal) into being the species largest group of massive over-consumers. THEY are why American & NATO warmongers and zionist banksters are starting resource wars across the globe. No lying selfish insatiable hypnotized christians - 95% fewer international resource and/or landgrab conflicts.

The world's most powerful & corrupt lawyers who maintain a completely corrupt global legal structure are christian college indoctrinated. Christians are THE problem, for both believing filthy lies and lying by the minute to thieve what is not theirs. They corrupt all laws to suit them only. Same as the reptilian-brain [globalist] zionist jews. But, they're so stupid, few know the whole jesus myth was then - in the 4thC - fabricated by jews to lure and enslave Europeans, to their chosen tribe plot to kill all nonjews for the planet's REAL ESTATE. That's why the west have gone the path of war and weapons of mass extermination..Christians - were they not over-consuming the planet to extinction - are the worlds biggest joke.

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