Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Orthodoxy is the ONLY defensible from of Christianity

SWPE is vehemently opposed to all form of Globalisation.  We oppose all non-indigenous religions because they have no unity with the People and naturally draw the adherents into multi-cultural dissonance.

We promote indigenous European Heathenism, because it is the expression of the European soul.  We oppose Abrahamism because it is an expression of the soul of the Middle East.

There is a problem with the absolute abolition of Christianity, which we need to address.  It is undeniable that Catholicism is a Universalist Globalist ideology (Catholic means Universal), and that the Papacy is a part of the drive to a single Global system of control.  The attitude of Pope Francis and his predecessors since the death of Pope Pius, has been a consistent drive to the acceptance of all religions as equally valid.  Francis's call for Mohamedan 'refugees' to be taken in by Christians is proof of the Globalist nature of Rome.  SWPE calls for all people everywhere to abandon the Catholic Church and to openly condemn it for its anti-human Globalism.

Protestantism is exactly the same in its Globalism, with clergy and laymen in Churches and Chapels falling over each other in the efforts to destroy the cultural homogeneity of Europe by welcoming the army of Mohamedan invaders who have raped and murdered their way from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa and other far off places under the lie that they are fleeing the US war of aggression in Syria.

There are good people who are culturally Christian, who find themselves in conflict with the ideology of their leaders, but who still hold to the doctrine of the belief system they have been brought up in. To turn these people away, without offering an alternative, is to turn away potentially good activists. We must remember that the great Joseph Stalin was raised in Christianity, and it was his upbringing which saw the excesses of the non-indigenous members of the Soviet hierarchy, curbed to a great extent.  Had the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party rejected him for his spiritualism, the Russian Revolution may never have happened at all, and had it done so, the most evil man ever to walk on the Earth,  Lev 'Trotsky' Bronstein, would have succeeded Lenin as leader of the USSR, and been able to unleash the full sickness of his diseased mind onto the peoples of the USSR.  Stalin saved the People of the USSR from a terror which we are now experiencing a watered down version of in the west of Europe, under the Trotskyite banner of Political Correctness.
SWPE believes that just as losing Stalin would have been catastrophic, so it may well be a serious mistake to simply blanket ban potential activists because they have spiritual views which the leadership do not share, but which are still culturally a part of the indigenous tradition.  We propose that Christians who are sincere in their beliefs, and who reject Globalism, shift their allegiance to the Orthodoxy.  A Socialist England would see Orthodoxy tolerated alongside Paganism, provided that it did not stray into Globalist Universalism.  To those who have been put off by our abject refusal to accept Christians into our ranks, this should be seen as a serious compromise.  Maybe one of you will be of the calibre of 'Uncle Joe'!

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