9 April 2018

Fight Zionists, Don't Get Dragged Into Anti-Semitic Traps

The Zionist Media is spinning lie upon lie against the Sovereign Syrian Arab Republic and its legitimate and much-loved Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party government, headed by the Lion of Syria, Bashar Al Assad.

The Zionist Terrorist 'White Helmets' has staged yet another 'chemical weapons' (aka WMD) attack, with the usual pictures of incapacitated women and children (but interestingly not military-aged men!)  The unbelievably puerile propaganda goes basically as follows:

  • The SAA, having liberated most of Syria is on the verge of total victory, and the US occupiers are talking about getting back to America and leaving Syria in peace
  • For no logical reason, the SAA has chosen to launch a chemical attack on the civilians it has been fighting to free from the jihadist lunatics, just for the hell of it
  • The US now has no choice but to escalate its interference and bomb the crap out of Syria, sending death from the air to save the people
The stupidity of the propaganda should be enough to make everyone wake up and say no to the war-mongers, but sadly the mass media is firmly in the hands of the Zionist-Military-Industrial Crime Network.  We are constantly told that Assad is the devil (or at least his disciple, the devil alternating between Putin and Kim Jong Un), and that those who are fighting against the government of Syria are 'rebels'.  We are not told that the 'rebels' are Al Qaeda (Al CIAduh), Islamic State, and other 'islamist'/'wahabbi' terrorists in the service of the MOSSAD, NATO, IMF and other Global Capitalist Tyrants.

The despicable terrorist White Helmets are the ones who launched the chemical weapons attack.  They swap their machine guns for rescue uniforms to pose for photos for the compliant media. The ones who are pictured in the media as saviours, are the same ones who behead people who resist their sick ideology.  The White Helmets are Al Qaeda etc with a smile.

There is every reason to be angry by the lies of the Zionist Media - lies which cover up the War Crimes of the Zionist War Machine.  In response to the MOSSAD-sponsored gas attack in Douma, the terrorist IDF launched an air attack on Syria, murdering 14 people.  The Zionist poodle in the White House, Donald Trump, has hinted at more US terror within the next two days.  Israel has occupied the Golan Heights and wants to crush free Syria as a part of its racist supremacist drive to create Greater Israel on the corpses of the people whose land they are occupying.

The UK regime has ignored the terrorist attack by the IDF, and parroted the White Helmets lies - of course it has. Zionism is not a religion, or a race, it is an economic ideology of pure globalised capitalism, with the Ruling Class sitting high above the Working Class, who they use as they see fit, and destroy for pleasure as much as anything else.  The party of government has chosen now to go on the offensive, claiming that resistance to the Racist Apartheid State is 'anti-Semitism.  They have published an image used by a Labour Party BAME activist - they haven't addressed the question it raises.  Why not?  Because perhaps the only difference is that the Zionist State is built on stolen land, whereas the Germans came to power in their own country!  This is the picture which is supposed to have us react in Pavlovian fashion:

As Zionists who pray to Allah are murdering people in Syria so that Zionists who pray to Jehovah can drop bombs on them, in preparation for Zionists who pray to Jesus to launch full scale war on them, the Zionist Tory Party is going all out to make criticism of any of this appear 'racist'.  Zionists of all faiths and none, of all races, are united in their sickness.  There are Jewish Zionists, but there are many Jewish anti-Zionists.  This is what we must be aware of.  We have to be clever and expose the lie that Zionism equate to Jewishness (whatever that may be).

Zionism enjoy the propaganda of the 'holocaust', as a stick to beat down dissent.  In the UK, a French singer, Alison Chabloz, is being prosecuted for mocking the holocaust in song in which she calls Auschwitz, “a theme park just for fools”.  We have to make sure we don't get dragged into the trap of letting emotions overcome sense.  Critically analysing the holocaust as a means of debunking the ideology which Zionists use to excuse their brutal occupation of Palestine, and their murderous destruction of Syria, is one method of exposing the lies upon which Zionist power rests.  But if we choose to do so, we must do so scientifically.  People who are enraged by the outrages of Zionism may be tempted to indulge in provocative propaganda using mockery, not facts.  An 'offensive' slogan may have shock value, but it also crosses the line into the realm of that which the State can jump upon and use against us.  Mockery and deliberate provocation (such as embracing the term anti-Semite as a way of ridiculing the media labelling of everyone who oppose Zionism as such) is the way to prosecution and prison, and must be avoided at all costs.

Activists are encouraged to create your own leaflets, banners, t-shirts even (but check in with the party leadership before going to print!), and to be imaginative and varied in your methods and presentation.  But you MUST be cautious.  We are going to overthrow the rotting Zionist infested system. We need to keep the organisation operational, to make it grow, and to not give the enemy easy victories.  Be clever with your propaganda. Do not slip into emotionalism.  There will be those who would push you into the path of confusing Zionism and the Jewish people.  We are not anti-Semites. We are anti-Zionists. Know the difference.  

Dedicated to t
he memory Sana'a Mehaidli.  Martyred giving the Zionist pigs what they deserve, 9th April 1985.

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