26 April 2018

Socialism: For Family against Liberal Degeneracy

The population of the British Isles is accelerating at an unprecedented and unsustainable rate.  But this boom is largely due to a change in demographics, with the settled population lagging behind those who have come here in recent years.

Those who support the idiotic economic system of capitalism, argue that in order for our old people to get their pensions, we must have new blood, working as wage slaves and paying taxes to the hated government, who can then dole some of it out to the pensioners.  This is a key justification for mass immigration.  People are scared of being left poor in old age - so scared that they will see the future of their country and their people lost forever, in order that their own needs are satisfied.

Is the population ageing?  According to official statistics it is.  Why?  Because not enough babies are being born.  It is really pretty simple.

People who have bought into the concept of global over-population argue that it is irresponsible for us to breed (never mind that the parts of the world outside Europe are where the population is exploding, so the over-population story doesn't even apply to our countries).  They will slander any Working Class person who has more than two children, although they don't say a word about the larger families of the newer arrivals, and they wax lyrical about the 'royal' family which lives parasitically off the sweat of the Workers of the Nation.

Many of the liberal imbeciles who believe that a cut in the population of the west alone will reduce global overpopulation, have no children at all, as a way of showing us all how 'good' they are (how deluded they are).  Of course a decline in liberals is always a good thing - but sadly their domination of the education and entertainment industries ensures that more children succumb to their insanity.  The liberal mindset is such that those who refuse to have children bleat the loudest that there are not enough children to pay for their pensions!

Since the 1960s, following the legalisation of infanticide through abortion on demand, women have been encouraged to have anonymous sex as often as they can, and simply murder any children who may result and threaten their 'lifestyles'.  Men have taken advantage of this and behaved in equally despicable means, treating women as sex objects and having as much care for the results of their 'shag anything' lifestyle as a dog in the street.  The liberal capture of all but a few remaining vestiges of real feminism has seen the proclamation of promiscuity and abortion to be the right of all women - and to hell with the unborn children, who can be replaced by immigrants from countries who tend to have more humanity than to see children as a burden.

Abortion in case of rape should be mandatory - alongside execution of the rapist.  In case of medical emergency, it should be an option.  But in the event of pregnancy occurring due to failure to take the most basic of precautions, claiming that having a baby might interfere with her lifestyle should be no justification.  In a Socialist Society, children are cherished, and it would be encouraged that unwanted children should be adopted by those with the temperament, desire and ability to raise them.

Comrade Stalin introduced the most forward thinking attitude to childcare and motherhood.  In the USSR under his guidance, Motherhood was seen as a virtuous task, with financial payment afforded which recognised that being a Mother is a full time job - a career as a carer no less - and should not be hampered by money worries.  Mothers were even given medals for raising large families - and that included children they had adopted.  Many Socialist countries have treated Motherhood as sacred - Capitalist countries treat is almost as a disease, and if they could do without the next generation of wage slaves, would be happy to wipe out the Working Class entirely.

In a speech about the value of Women, Stalin stated:

'The education of the children is the honourable social duty of mothers. Motherhood and the rearing of children in the U.S.S.R. are honoured and respected. The Soviet State assigns enormous funds to aid mothers with large families and unmarried mothers: 2,500,000 mothers have been awarded the Order "Motherhood Glory" and the "Motherhood Medal". The title "Mother Heroine" has been conferred on 28,500 women.'

SMPBI would institute an Order for the Glory of Motherhood, which would free Mothers from the financial penalties of Capitalism, and would put children first - abolishing the misnamed 'care' system in which children are placed at the mercy of the State, and are often raped and beaten by those who are tasked to 'care' for them.

Changing the liberal global anti-culture to a true Sovereign Socialist Culture is very much needed.  The media and so-called education system teach children to behave as sex objects, and when they do, then criticise them for it - we need a restoration of the primacy of family and personal dignity.  A good start would be made by executing a good few of the p√¶dophile enablers in the mass media, entertainment industry etc.

Using immigrants to pay for pensions is sickening.  It treats the immigrants like they are slaves to be used economically in much the same way as they were in the cotton fields of olden times.  Aborting children now and abstaining from having children to provide for one's old age is irresponsible and selfish; expecting immigrants to pay for one's pension when one hasn't done a thing to provide for oneself is racist!  Putting work over family is lunacy; putting self over nation is treason.

Liberals are child-murdering racist bigots.  As Socialists, we have no time for these idiots!  In a Socialist Republic, it will be normal to have children to support you in your old age.  SMPBI rejects the liberal idea that others from outside your family should provide for you when you have done nothing to help yourself.  If you do not want children, then that is of course a choice - but in a sane society, the joys of family would be seen as a virtue, and the majority would be more than happy to have the freedom to have children, returned.  The liberal mindset which demands that immigrants take up the slack for those who (for reasons of pursuit of money and 'careers') are too selfish to have their own children, is racism against the immigrants who they treat like cattle.

SMPBI demands a return to the sanity of family; protection of the innocence of childhood; financial support and recognition for the vital work of Mothers. This will only come when liberalism is banished and the capitalist ethos of work over all else, is consigned to history.

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