12 April 2018

War in Syria as a distraction from the UK Regime's War on the People at home

In the UK, the government is in all but open war with the indigenous population.  Our homeland has become the most controlled nation in all of Europe.  The police have access to weaponry which would make Robert Peel turn in his grave.  The blanket coverage of CCTV includes the sinister aspect of 24-hour camera-drones, ensuring that there is nowhere that we can go without being filmed.  Our internet activity is recorded, as is every form of communication from traditional written post to electronic communication such as telephone calls and text messaging.  Yet, the State broadcaster still has the audacity to repeat the lie that the UK is a free country!

The Establishment has no regard for the population, other than in terms of how much wealth can be extracted from us.  We are slaves in all but name.  Our Welfare and Social Security systems are ceaselessly being eroded.  Our Education system leaves so many of those who pass through it with inadequate levels of numeracy and literacy, that it is an international joke.  By deliberately ensuring that a substantial percentage of the population who have been educated by the State, do not have the qualifications necessary to work in anything other than the Service sector, the establishment has justified the need to bring ever more immigrants into the country.  Mass unemployment and the import of immigrant labour, are tools of the Establishment to stifle demands for better working conditions and living wages.  However, speaking of these facts in public, in anything but the most hushed of voices, is likely to result in one's arrest for a made up offence such as incitement to racism, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.  But, don't worry, as the BBC is constantly telling us, our land is a democracy, and we have Freedom of Speech! Right?

As well as being reduced to impoverished, educationally-restricted and constantly monitored wage slaves (or wageless slaves) in the panoptican which our country has become, we have had the very soil to which we belong taken from us.  With the demise of the Green Belt, which has protected what is left of our countryside, it is surely only a matter of time before the UK becomes a nightmare city state, such as depicted in the predictive programming of science fiction films, such as Blade Runner.  We no longer have enough agricultural land with which to produce sufficient food to feed ourselves, but that's OK - the GMO cartel, Monsanto, will save us!  The recent acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer Chemicals is a horrific assault on nature and the health of everyone, but the UK regime has no problem with, seeing it as a good exercise in capitalism.  If, of course, one objects to eating genetically modified food which is injurious to one's physical and mental well-being, the option of death is always available.  Our Establishment truly loves us.

Thanks to the corporate -owned lackeys who infest our government and its bureaucratic apparatus, in order to impose the will of global commerce, life in the UK has become a veritable Hell on Earth for anyone who has any sense of morality, pride and self-worth.  If one is happy with living a life dedicated to no higher ideal than obtaining the latest inferior quality goods produced in the sweat shops of China, then the direction which the UK is travelling in should be to one's liking.  That direction will see the death of culture, tradition, family etc, and an existence as nothing more than a completely controlled, barely human, corporate-owned producer-consumer.  It is to spread this system to countries such as Syria, which for some reason do not wish to be  part of the glorious One World Slave State, that the USA/UK's proxy terrorist armies, the FSA, Al Qaeda, Jaish al-Islam, Islamic State etc, have been mobilised.

As should be expected of a regime which is more than happy to murder innocent people in their own homes; then claim that they deserved what happened to them for 'resisting freedom', the UK Ruling Class has no respect for the natural desire of people to live with a roof over their heads.  In every town and city in the UK, pubs and businesses are closing at an increasing rate, forcing people out of work.  This has led to an increase in the number of commercial properties lying empty, with around 1 in 4 now boarded up.  Many government-owned buildings are in a similar state, and there are also increasing numbers of houses and flats which have been repossessed by the very same banks who have destroyed our economy in the first place.  The reaction of the spiral in homelessness, is truly staggering.  Since September 2012 it has been a criminal offence for anyone to dwell in a property to which one does not have legal permission.

The UK government justified criminalising squatting by claiming that legislation to evict squatters would help people who have had their homes broken into whilst away on holiday.  Certainly, there have been rare instances of people coming home to find that people have broken in and and are refusing to leave, but the majority of the people who have to resort to squatting, are people who have been ordered from their homes by banks who have foreclosed on their mortgages, but have not left because they have nowhere to go to.  The bankers themselves encouraged people to take out mortgages which they could easily default on.  Of course it isn't just people with mortgages who are finding themselves homeless, robber landlords have used the cruel acceptance of the State to hike rents, which has seen many in the rented sector likewise made homeless.

The government, through its policy of allowing the construction of new housing in every conceivable location, is responsible for the destruction of the countryside, and the glut of new buildings.  The new legislation will only force more people into homelessness, and will be met with the construction of new social housing, which will further scar the landscape.  Those who defy the law, will be incarcerated - thus increasing the prison population by creating a new category of criminals; prisoners of debt.

The government's policy of barely restricted immigration has exacerbated the employment and housing crises which are wrecking our country, but as this increases the profits of those who own the construction companies, and the unscrupulous corporations who are able to maximise profits by reducing wages and work benefits, the human misery is of no consequence. Every policy of the government is handed down by the profiteers of the Establishment and their partners-in-crime in the multi-national corporations.

The government of the Establishment is at war with the people. In Syria, the war is more overt - with the indigenous people being killed in order to advance the economic agenda of the London regime. In the UK, the war is hidden behind mealy-mouthed political slogans, but it is no less damaging to human life for that.

SMPBI would immediately nationalise all property, reallocating the housing stock as required, for free, abolishing mortgages and rent forever, making such exploitative practises a part of history.  Our long term goal would be for every family to have enough land to be self-sufficient to a high degree.  In terms of what can be achieved now, we demand the return of Squatters' Rights, and we support all who ensure they have a roof over their heads in property which has been abandoned.

When you go to the polls next month, remember who created the rent sector crisis, and who gave so much power to the banks.  If you can vote Socialist, do so. If not, just vote out the Tories!

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