18 April 2018

Speak Out For Palestine - Wilberg on Wednesday

Editor's note:
The West is suffering under the weight of the Cultural, Political and Economic Occupation of Zionist power. In Palestine, the Occupation is Physical, with the native population forced out of their homes, many living a life of absolute poverty in the world's largest Concentration Camp: the Gaza Strip.  The Zionist power uses occupied Palestine as its base for its global crimes.  For this reason, and for simple human decency, the Palestinian struggle is our struggle too.


Please watch the video in this article - banned in 28 countries - in full, and share it. It shows the sheer hell of Israeli occupation, leading even to Palestine children committing suicide:

As of April 7, nearly three thousand unarmed Christian, Muslim and secular Palestinians have been wounded, over three dozens are in critical condition and at least twenty-five unarmed protestors, including children have been assassinated by hundreds of Israeli snipers and heavily armed troops shooting tank shells into crowds of civilians protesting their decades of incarceration by the racist Israeli state. Why is this not talked about or even reported in the media?

Closing note
The Zionist State turns 70 this evening. For the occupied territories this is a day of mourning. 70 years of brutal subjugation. 70 years of the motherland of the Palestinian people taken and turned into a criminal headquarters for a people whose claim to the land lies in fantasy, from a collective delusion of grandeur which believes that people to be chosen by no less than their god. 70 years of pain. This sorry period in history will not stop until the power of the Zionist menace is broken. When the usurious capitalist system is no more, Palestine, the Jewish People who have been conned into accepting this evil in their name, and the rest of the world will be free.

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