Friday, 21 November 2014

A Perposial

We need a international conference to create a unified theory that determines if something is national socialist or not. This will create a unified consensus amongst different Representatives of the nations and open debate among the different stripes. We could also set different bodies of work as national socialist while creating a unified critique of the internationalists and perversions of national socialism. We could also set down the principles of national socialist theory. This will bar people who are not National Socialist from using the term and help create the foundation for a modern movement. The movement must remain flexible enough to fit differing social conditions but rigid enough to cut off perversions of the movement. Pressing issues would be: 

- International capitalism
- Imperialism
- Zionism and the Jewish Question 
- Hitlerism 
- The State 
- NazBol
- Fascism
- Scottish, Irish, and Welsh independence 
- Pure Race, anti-Semitism, and racism
- White Pride
- Feminism
- Nation People vs Nation State
- National Self-Determination and Cultral Self-Determination

Just to name a few things. 

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