Friday, 7 November 2014

Revolutionary Feminism

Liberal Feminism: Women begging men for rights while maintaining within the Capitalist system. These are typically Feminists that will be seen on the news and the most popular branch. It reduces women to just another cog. It is also the branch that "Radical" feminism comes from and the form that hates LGBTQP members and Islamic women.

Revolutionary Feminism: this branch empowers women to take up the gun for themselves and to organise others to fight the patriarchal system in capitalist society. It fights for women's rights, it fights for the victims of rape (female and male), the right for women to choose their own path in life. Most in this branch is Marxist and Anarchist but some are Nationalist and nationalists need a stronger presence in this as most Nationalists fall into reaction on the subject of feminism. This branch can become National Feminism and promote women's role in our culture's history. In the US women fought in the Revolutionary and Civil wars and were even spies. In ancient Europe our Ancestors had Warrior goddesses and our Women can pull from that to carve her place in out society. In Judaism they have Judith, Ruth, and much more as examples of strong women of virtue. Nationalists can not fall into the trap of Liberal Reaction and support the oppression of women we must form a Revolutionary feminism and empower our women to liberation. In the words of Mao the Chinese Marxist and Patriot,"Women hold up half of the sky." 

Long Live the National Liberation! 

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