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A Socialist View of Sexuality

Sexuality has become an issue which has gained much attention.  Nationalists expend a lot of effort campaigning against homosexuality and specifically against gay marriage and legal rights for those who live together in stable relationships which can be viewed as comparable with heterosexuals.  This focus has led many Nationalist organisations to flounder when leading activists have turned out to be homosexuals.  In Socialist circles, the obsession with sexuality has taken the form of pushing for affirmative action to place homosexuals in prominent places in society.  SWPE takes a third position on the issue of sexuality.  In a nutshell, we neither seek to promote homosexuality, nor to condemn homosexuals.  Our position is that sexuality must be left to the individual, with the only condition being that the individual must be a consenting adult.

Anti-homosexuals fall into two camps (no pun intended).  Firstly there are those who have religious convictions that homosexuality is evil and forbidden by their God.  Then there are those who oppose homosexuality because it leads to a reduction in the reproduction of the racial gene pool.

The first camp is one which it is pointless to argue with.  We could argue that homosexuals exist throughout nature - who hasn't seen a male dog hump another male dog?  Arguing with people who have 'faith' that what their priests tell them is the absolute truth, can only succeed if the entire faith can be demolished.  As Socialists, we respect the right of people to hold their own views, so we would not seek to undermine people's faith in the supernatural.  In a free Socialist society, the oppression of others is a freedom we cannot indulge.  We do not wish to overthrow one despotism only to become despots ourselves, so with religious people - so long as they do not threaten the freedom of the people by calling for people to be murdered for having opinions or lifestyles which differ from their own - our position is to leave them to their own beliefs.

The second camp is one we can demolish quite readily.  If nature has divided people into those who breed and those who do not, then perhaps it is a form of natural selection which promotes some genes over others.  If this is so, then there is nothing unnatural about those who practice homosexuality.

The idea that homosexuals are weak is nonsense.  Look at the heroic soldiers of Sparta who were the most courageous soldiers of the time, and amongst the bravest of all time.  Did their homosexuality make them a threat to the nation as a whole?  No.  The soldiers of Sparta were brave men who served their people well.  Spartan men were required to marry.  Some practiced homosexuality, some did not.  Spartan women were equally noted for their courage, making the people of Sparta notable regardless of gender or sexuality.  All of us can learn from them.

In the broader political sense, homosexuality has been used as an excuse to persecute people for their political beliefs.  There is a dubious work written for reasons which serve a bigoted agenda.  The Pink Swastika uses the homosexuality of leading members of the NSDAP to justify attacking homosexuals in general and all who have views which can be described as Nationalist, Socialist or National Socialist.

The Pink Swastika book is glorified at and reproduced in full at  The hysterical agenda of the authors is not hard to see, but the book is not without merit as it does highlight the hypocrisy of modern activists who idolise the NSDAP era and propose the mass murder of people who happen to not be heterosexual.

Ernst Rohm was a homosexual.  He was also a Revolutionary Socialist.  His sexuality was use as an excuse by Hitler to destroy the Socialist Revolution and replace National Socialism with Imperial Capitalism.

Rohm was a genuine revolutionary.  He wanted to force revolutionary change through the army - replacing the Capitalist Wehrmacht with the Revolutionary Socialist SA.  The head of the NSDAP, Adolf Hitler, had Rohm murdered along with other one hundred Revolutionary Socialists in the infamous Night of the Long Knives of 1934.  The SA had over 2 million members and dwarfed the reactionary army.  Hitler's purge of the SA and the simultaneous murder of the great Revolutionary Socialist, Gregor Strasser, ended the Socialist NSDAP and replaced it with a party which served the Capitalist Ruling Class.  The excuse for murdering Rohm and the many others (most of whom were not homosexual) was sexuality.  A Socialist view of sexuality would not have allowed for homosexuals to be persecuted simply because they were not heterosexual.

Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, who was himself a Revolutionary Socialist, spoke in the dying days of the Second World War of the murder of Ernst Rohm thus,

"I point out to the Führer at length that in 1934 we unfortunately failed to reform the Wehrmacht when we had an opportunity of doing so. What Röhm wanted was, of course, right in itself but in practice it could not be carried through by a homosexual and an anarchist. Had Roehm been an upright solid personality, in all probability some hundred generals rather than some hundred SA leaders would have been shot on 30 June. The whole course of events was profoundly tragic and today we are feeling its effects. In that year the time was ripe to revolutionise the Reichswehr. As things were the Führer was unable to seize the opportunity. It is questionable whether today we can ever make good what we missed doing at that time. I am very doubtful of it. Nevertheless the attempt must be made."

Had Ernst Rohm succeeded in merging the army into the SA and pushing the Socialist Revolution onwards, the Capitalist takeover of the NSDAP would have been thwarted and most likely, the Capitalist Hitler would have been replaced by the true Socialist Strasser.  Those who argue that Homosexuals cannot be anything but a negative influence, need to look at how the removal of men of honour on the grounds of sexuality wrecked the Socialist Revolution in Germany.

Sexuality must be left to the individual so long as the individual is a consenting adult

The persecution of homosexuals is an abhorence. So is the promotion of homosexuality.

The SWPE view of the sexuality of the individual is a very straight forward view.  We do not judge people by the sexual choices, so long as the choices do not hurt others (except if this is by consent!) - we don't care what people get up in their sexual relationships.  We welcome all good Socialists into our ranks and see sexuality as a non issue. 

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