Sunday, 23 November 2014

Returning the Land to the People and the People to the Land

In the UK, the hatred London regime treats every part of the four nations as if they were extensions of London.  The Ruling Class has its 'royal family' based in London; the Financial 'elite' have the London Stock Exchange and the City of London as their centre of operations; the UK government sits in London; the Security Services (MI5/MI6) operate from London.  London is the base of the Ruling Class in respects of politics, military, police, economics and all other aspects of control.

The impact of the London domination of the entire UK can be seen in the use of language, where the counties close to London are referred to as the Home Counties, then those further out from them are know by the pejorative term of 'the provinces' and the countries outside England are considered as colonies.  There is a saying that 'all life stops North of Watford' which sums up the Establishment view that London is the nation and that all else is just territory which belongs to the imperial hub and is populated by barbarians.

The UK is not England and England is not London.  To the Ruling Class, London is everything and the entire UK must be remodeled to imitate the Capital.  The Capitalists in charge of the country are Capitalists in the sense that they care not for humanity, only for material wealth and power, but also in the sense that they care not for any part of the nation other than the Capital city, and more specifically for its financial institutions.

Capitalism is inherently tied up with Urbanism.  A free Socialist society has to be one in which the People are Sovereign and in which there are no cities.  For England, the natural order of society is of small towns, villages and hamlets, with the Guilds organised in the towns to ensure that fair prices and wages are maintained throughout the country.  This radically differs from the London system because whereas the London regime is centralist, the towns act as local hubs, ensuring the continuation of the local culture and the protection of our natural diversity.  Cities are malignant tumours which infect the entire nation with their vile conformism and obsession with acquisition of material wealth.  Capitalism is a sickness, and like any disease, the solution is to treat the causes by isolating the centres of the infection, and treating the problem at the source.

SWPE believe that the restoration of the ancient pre-English Kingdoms as Sovereign Republics, is a vital measure to combat London rule and thus to end the power of the Ruling Class.   But, without an end to the city mentality, the restoration of authentic regions (in contrast to the artificial regions created by the London regime by the civil defence department in the 1930s) would be nothing other than a ceremonial change.  In order to break the grip of the Cosmopolitan Capitalists, we have to break up their centres of operation.

Socialism is the best possible system for the people as a whole.  City living is anti-natural and Socialism can have no part in it.  A Rural nation with everyone allocated housing and enough land to be self sufficient in food, is the foundation of a free society.  When people are free from the fear of hunger or of homelessness, then they are better able to contribute to the well being of the people as a whole.  All the cities must be broken up, with the vast majority of the land they occupy turned into agricultural land or to forest.  Towns must become places where people who have trades can live under the direction of the Guilds.  But they must not be allowed to grow into cities.  The allotment of one acre of land for every family in the towns would create a natural buffer to prevent the growth of urbanism.  Outside the towns the allocation of land could be higher to allow for the production of surplus food for times of natural hardship - providing a safety net to insure against natural catastrophes.

Returning ownership of the nation to the people, necessarily requires a reallocation of land.  Those who do not belong to the nation must be compensated generously by the purchasing of land in their home countries by the State to replace that that which they must return to the nation upon their departure.  In the name of good neighbourliness, even those who rent at the expense of the State would be granted economic aid to relocate..  The reduction in population would be most extreme in the cities, which would have the great advantage of leaving the cities largely empty of people and thus far easier to demolish and recreate as land for the people and for the benefit of the indigenous wildlife.

Cities are prisons.  They are centres of tyranny, or misery, of Ruling Class control.  The death of the City mentality will spell the rebirth of the nation.  SWPE is fully committed to fulfilling our battle cry:

Returning the land to the people and the people to the land.

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