Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Democracy: A thought about England

Before I speak this is just a brief thought so it won't be in depth. 

In Gaddafi's "Green Book" he dedicates a large part to the issue of Democracy. He ends with concluding that Democracy is best approached by creating a centralised body of councils being local, regional, and national in which in the local a face-to-face approach is taken and the rest a body of elected, but with drawable, officials controls that sphere. It is obvious how this approach would be taken up by US nationalistic Socialists since with very little modifications we have that very system. But the British Isle is Germanic and has its own organic approach to democracy. The Manifesto for the National Anarchists provides a solution for Liberal Democracy: 

      "In the past, the political process involved small groups of chieftains, warriors and holy men, each of whom would get together at regular intervals to discuss the needs and aspirations of their respective communities; particularly in relation to security and wellbeing. Politics has always been open to abuse, of course, but the Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) tradition of the Witenagemot - also known as the Witan - was one of the more decentralised examples of how our ancestors would exert a form of political authority that had been channelled up from the grassroots. Those involved felt a sense of duty and responsibility to their people, quite unlike the politicians of today with their noses firmly stuck in the trough." 

This coming from my own out look on the political world the British Isles can turn to this institution by having Representatives from the ceremonial counties of England that can be withdrawn. This position in my opinion should have qualifications and not be paid by the state. The Witenagemot elects the Leader of the nation and advices the leader in policy and law. This places the organic concept into the modern world through a form of democracy called Caesarean through which power is transferred directly from the people to an absolute ruler who is responsible to them and whose acts were confirmed by plebiscite. The Leader thus also maintains popular sovereignty through the presence of the the Witenagemot. This creates an organic Socialist political policy. 

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