Friday, 7 November 2014

White Pride: Issues in the movement

Before I even start my article I want to put the disclaimer that I am a White Nationalist alongside my a American and Pan-American Nationalism. I have nothing against others who take pride in the accomplishments of their European ancestors, their history, and or their culture or all of the above. I teach for the unity of the White race against the race traitors that sold our nation off to line their own pockets. But to the article I am writing and its topic. When people talk about White Nationalism people get the idea of the US' KKK, Neo-Nazis, and even the Nazi Regime itself. This in itself causes issues in promotion of racial pride in a revolutionary manner because we will be associated with these people and not revolutionaries as none can be found in the archives of popular knowledge. We won't be associated with the Strasser Brothers or with Rohm as they are glossed over by the violent and reactionary movements like Stormfront. 
The capitalist class promotes certain racial nationalisms over others:

This is true to a certain extent. The capitalists promote Jewish pride as long as it isn't militant Bundism. They promote Black pride as long as it isn't Black Nationalism in the sense of Malcolm X or the Black Panther Party. There is to an extent White pride that prevails in the Capitalist system but a reactionary strain of it that promotes the good deeds and does nothing to make right our past wrongs and sells the White nations out to Chinese and Arabic nations.


This trait is quite popular amongst White Nationalists and it is annoying and unhelpful for national liberation as a whole. The Anti-Semitism tends to be modelled after Hitlerism and puts the Jews in place of the race traitor Capitalist class which is made up of people of all nations. 

Rainbow Coalition: 

The Black Nationalist group the Black Panther Party started up an Ethnicpluralist project called the Rainbow Coalition to promote co-operation between thecAmerican Ethnic groups while maintaining their self-determination. If more White Nationalists promoted something like this and became more vocal and spread propaganda then we will get more attention than the supremacists and other reactionary strands of white nationalists.

Anti-Racism = Anti-White 

This is the stupidest slogan that is full of such non-sense. The people who are anti-racist are typically people wanting to promote an equal playing field and normally people wanting to be on an equal footing with white people. The people who promote this slogan are also the people who promote anti-Semitism and ignored the White privilege in places like the US. 

White Power to the Whites,  Black Power to the Blacks, and Mexica power to the Mexicas 


  1. What does the SWPE think about the term "White genocide?"

  2. A comment which seems to have been removed, asked

    What does the SWPE think about the term "White genocide?"

    - The deliberate transference of peoples across the globe in order to create a multiracial global state, is genocide for all. The idea that Whites are being singled out is too basic. The goal is complete mixing and blending out of national/social/ethnic/cultural/spiritual identity. Whites are the focus now, as Ameridians were previously and others will follow in time. Opposing Capitalism means defending all peoples everywhere and halting the multi-genocidal assault of globalism