Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Basics of Strasserism

The Factory Fellowship 
The Owner is to be paid solely through stock in order for them to be kept responsible to the factory.
The Workers are to be paid by stock and wages 
Part of the profits if the industry goes to the State.
Workers are paid according to their achievements in the industry
The Workers and owners are to come to an agreement on how the business is to be ran
If the Workers and the Owners can not come to an agreement the state must step in to settle it.

This does away with private ownership of the means of production and divides industry into the hands of the workers and leaders. 

The State is to have a monopoly on international trade
The move from the gold standard to a national currency
Focus solely on national issues 

Handicraft enterprises, small shops, and also the liberal professions, will therefore be incorporated into guilds.
The State will require a tax from each guild
The guild is able to grant the title master to skilled members of the trade.
No one may start up a profession without this title 
The Guild can regulate the number of acolytes that each guildsman can take on

A federation of European nations that maintain autonomy should be formed to create a unified Europe 

Vocational Estates are basically a form of worker's control over the state by giving each trade a house in a senate/parliamentary body. 

 Avoidance of mandatory drafting and militarism 

 The diversity of human beings
No nation is better than the other
Equal rights for all human beings are mandatory
Each nation has its own characteristics 
Each nation has different needs  

Immigration and national minorities:
Persons of different racial origin from the majority may be described as foreigners. 
Groups of persons of various racial stamps may be deemed to constitute national minorities.
Persons belonging to different stocks may be incorporated into the main body of the nation by assimilation.

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  1. This is more like it, Strasserism was not raw racism, neither was it soppy liberalism.